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Heavy Medal

Some quick googling reveals that each line is a song lyric.  Examining the rest of the lyrics of the song and keeping in mind the title of the puzzle should reveal a pattern: each of these songs contains exactly one of the words gold, silver, and bronze.

Use this pattern as an index to take the first (gold), second (silver), or third (bronze) letter from the names of the artists.

Down on Longboat Key - Alabama - gold - A

Thank You For... - Hall & Oates - bronze - L

Ballad in Plain D - Bob Dylan - bronze - B

Keep Yourself Alive - Queen - silver - U

King Nothing - Metallica - gold - M

Tropicalia - Beck - bronze - C

Carey - Joni Mitchell - silver - O

Air Force Ones - Nelly - gold - N

Amoreena - Elton John - bronze - T

Film Noir - Carly Simon - silver- A

Wrong Side of Memphis - Trisha Yearwood - bronze - I

Guitar Heaven - Neil Diamond - gold - N

My Dad's Gone Crazy - Eminem - bronze - I

Flora's Secret - Enya - silver - N

Dancing with the Moonlit Knight - Genesis - gold - G

When Disaster Strikes - Busta Rhymes - bronze - S

Drunk on the Moon - Tom Waits - silver - O

A Dream that Can Last - Neil Young - gold - N

Bronzing the Garbage - Mighty Mighty Bosstones - bronze - G

I Got My Baby - Faith Hill - gold - F

Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix - silver - I

The Mystery - Van Morrison - gold - V

Draw the Line - Aerosmith - silver - E

The extracted letters spell "Album containing song five."  The album which contains King Nothing, and the terms of your wager with Skinny, is LOAD.

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