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Room Of Antiques

During an excavation of an ancient ruin, you come across a room that has several objects in it. You know this culture had some pretty odd traditions and they usually kept things on display that had some unique or even funny significance to them.

The objects laid out, in no particular order, that you come to recognize are: 1) a fine piece of section, or log, from an oak tree, 2) what looks to be a primitive die from a child's game, 3) a globe of the earth, 4) a decorative wooden block that you think resembles a door stop wedge, 5) what could only be described as a closed doll house, 6) a piece of yellow aged paper, and 7) a piece of glass.

You study the piece of glass and notice how the light reflects very strangely from it and suddenly realize what it is...or at least think it is, and say to yourself it is broken. However, after looking back at the other items, a revelation occurs and you realize it's not broken, it was purposely cut in half at the tip to fit in.

What is it and how does it fit with the rest of the objects?


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Image created by Courk.

Silhouette courtesy of Dragon Phoenix.

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