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Heavy Medal

You walk into Crazycellist's Massive Music and Multimedia Emporium.  The walls are lined with albums in every genre from Alternative Rock to Yodeling (You're most intrigued by the section devoted to dancing the meringue.  No, I don't mean the merengue.)

"Can I help you find something in particular?" asks Crazycellist, noticing your bemused and not-particularly-directed stare.

"Why yes you can," you say, "Except-- I'm not sure what."

"Say no more," responds Crazycellist.  "I've been expecting you."  She hands you Skinny's next note.

Where the island sand meet the gulf stream bridge,

Down round the pond, up the hill bricks and steeples,

Through young summer's breeze, I stole her away.

But if I crossed a million rivers,

And you're left with just a name,

Leaves you plain and left behind,

Oh, you know it sure is hard to leave here.

But when the winter goes (blhhha) and the hot summer flows,

I can see you sitting eating apples in the evening,

Falling in love, but in flashback.

I've had this dream from a tender age,

Give it all of the heart it can take.

What do I gotta do to get through to you, to show you,

Lying in the long grass,

Time goes by, it's the time of your life.

Every voice should sing and help the music sound miraculous!

It's pouring champagne stars,

I saw a glimmer from in her eye,

I was a child, another time, another place.

Floatin' around like a feather,

And the sea is straight ahead, straight up ahead,

Baby, there's a way and a mystic road,

You're the only one who's got to choose.

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