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Puzzles Wanted
November 12, 2014

So it's been a long time coming, but the end of the JAB minihunt is at hand.  The metapuzzle, Astral Navigation, has been posted, along with the solution to SATB.

And on that note it is worth mentioning that there are very few puzzles remaining that are written up and ready to post on the front page.  Some of this is because we have puzzles that just haven't been moved into that format, but there's always an appetite for more!  If you think you have a good puzzle to put on the front page, please post it in GLOC or contact any of the front page updaters (myself, Courk, Suspence, maybe some others).  Text-only puzzles are nice and simple, but we can also take puzzles that have a single picture.  Be ready with the puzzle and solution written out in a format that is easy to copy and paste.

Ariadnean Moderator