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Disorderly Rosy Riddle

You wake up on the pier of downtown Puzzlania with a splitting headache.  You don't know what you're doing here, but you seem to remember Skinny Dakota having something to do with it.  You're about to give him a call when you realize that your cellular phone is missing; in it's place you find a note.

 "Friend, I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful night on the town.  I expect I'll see you this afternoon when you drop off our wager from last night?"  Unfortunately, you have no memory of making a bet with Skinny, let alone what you owe him or where you had planned to meet.  Fortunately, Skinny anticipated this development.  "You probably don't remember much of last night, so I'd recommend you start your day by heading toward the shop we perused yesterday.  You remember, the one that sells ___________?"

Skinny has deliberately omitted the final word, but on the back of the note you notice several unrelated sentences-- they must be a clue about which shop you're supposed to visit.


  • I am to monitor the front side of the experiment only.

  • You will delight me if, while I am napping, you are quiet.

  • The climate of the Sahara discourages most visitors.

  • The Sioux were the cockiest of the American indigenes.

  • Julia would work very skillfully if she weren't so lazy and had better focus.

  • One should never humor those keen on jousting.

  • The overconfident Corpsman challenged three aviators simultaneously.

  • You'll want to be sitting when we anesthetize you.

  • Send in the relief; I'm fed up with the saffron garden.

  • Rags are on the bottommost shelf.

  • In which of the ski lodges did you leave your bag?

  • The refugees are still perfecting their English.

  • Alexander Pope warned us about a little learning...

  • I've never seen so many tycoons wearing purples and pinks.

  • To avoid being condemned, don't anger God.

  • The unrivaled fencer claims ruses as the secret to his success.

  • Many people from other nations find Americans downright ignorant.

  • The pigs enjoy Cabernets with their slop.

  • The taskmasters' grandeur is overrated.

  • A preserved neanderthal is likely to be iron-deficient.

  • My enmity toward government stems from the shortage of upstanding politicians.

  • Even a seraph couldn't extract useful information from that parable.

  • In actuality, Gordon boarded the plane sorrowfully.

  • Did you determine where the ashes came from?

  • These quavers are the shrillest notes in the piece.

  • An elector would be very angry to find the stockpile of ignored ballots.

  • A funeral is far too austere for cantaloupes.

  • The oriental beach is the closest to this part of the island.

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