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Disorderly Rosy Riddle

The first thing to notice is the hint in the title: "disorderly" is an anagram of "rosy riddle."  Thus the puzzle deals with anagrams.

Each sentence contains a pair of words that can be replaced with synonyms that are anagrams of each other.  The first three pairs are bolded to help you figure that out.  For example, in the second sentence, "delight" and "napping" can be replaced with "please" and "asleep," respectively.

In each of the anagram pairs, there is exactly one more word that can be anagrammed from the same letters. Those words are the key to the puzzle.  Take their initials in order for the cluephrase "Vernier tools and insect airhole."  Those would be "calipers" and "spiracle," whose third anagram is the answer, REPLICAS.  Below is a list of all the anagrams used in this puzzles.

Verbose (Observe, Obverse);  Elapse (Please, Asleep);  Rested (Desert, Deters);  Naivest (Vainest, Natives);  Idolatry (Adroitly, Dilatory);  Eluding (Indulge, Dueling);  Remain (Marine, Airmen);  Teased (Seated, Sedate);  Occurs (Succor, Crocus);  Owlets (Towels, Lowest);  Latches (Chalets, Satchel);  Streaming (Emigrants, Mastering);  Auctioned (Cautioned, Education);  Nametags (Magnates, Magentas);  Demand (Damned, Madden);  Infest (Finest, Feints);  Neurotics (Countries, Cretionus);  Sinew (Swine, Wines);  Estranges (Sergeants, Greatness); Cinema (Iceman, Anemic);  Thread (Hatred, Dearth);  Angle (Angel, Glean);  Irately (Reality, Tearily);  Rescind (Discern, Cinders);  Heights (Eighths, Highest);  Overt (Voter, Trove);  Lemons (Solemn, Melons);  Earnest (Eastern, Nearest)

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