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2008 GL Puzzle Hunt

April Fools!

There was no GL Puzzle Hunt.  The solution to the initial puzzle was simply an old chestnut from the GL archives that had undergone a ROT13 transformation, and then translated into Hex. 

For the observant, a clue about the true nature of the hunt was found found in the front page news post announcing the update. A copy can be found here. Looking closely, one can see that letters in the second paragraph have been italicized, spelling April. 

Another clue was hidden in white text in the puzzle on the previous page. Right above the word format is written "Most things are worthless, if not lies."

All other clues that were hidden were completely made up. For the record, the intentionally hidden false clues were hidden links:, and

Also hidden was the text "11/366 + 50, 2008." While it can be read as March 14, 2008, the meaning is complete nonsense, as the numbers were made up on the spot.

All other shenanigans on the Forums were simply another part of the April Fools festivities.

Some amazing connections and insights were nonetheless made by puzzlers trying to solve the Hunt. You can find them here

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