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Before Repairs

You approach the colorfully dressed patron indicated by Skinny's last puzzle.  "Excuse me," you say, "Could you--"

"Sign an autograph for you?  I'm sorry, El Blobbo does not sign autographs.  I compete for the challenge, not for the fame!"

"Actually, I was just wondering if--"

"Oh, fine," says El Blobbo, in feigned defeat.  He pulls a piece of paper from his pocket, signs his name quickly and hands it to you.  "Now leave me alone."

You examine the autograph El Blobbo has just signed, and realize that he signed it on Skinny's next note!"

"You're getting close to the end of our little game, friend.  Have you remembered what you owe me yet?  This puzzle will tell you where you should go to find my prize."

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