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Logain Potpourri VI

I) Easy Math: Take 2?



It’s the box score for a game of bowling. X=strike, /=spare, a first ball of 3 in the ? works out to equal a score of 126 in bowling



II) A Verified Connection


Colors of the spectrum describe each word. Use the numbers to spell ULTRA from the colors of the specified clue. So you can confirm ultra through how it describes violet and because the numbers verify it as the answer.


1. Red Meat

2. Agent Orange

3. Yellow Submarine

4. Green Lantern

5. Blue Shield

6. Indigo Girls

7. “Ultra” Violet


(5-3, 3-3, 7-6, 4-2, 2-3) = ?


5-3 is the third letter in the fifth color (blue) = U

3-3 is the third letter in the third color (yellow) = L

7-6 is the sixth letter in the seventh ‘missing word’ color (violet) = T

4-2 is the second letter in the fourth color (green) = R

2-3 is the third letter in the second color (orange) = A



III) Modern Alchemy


This is a complete play on words and you need to just use a lot of trial and error to determine when you need letter from certain words and letters from chemicals to mix and remove till you can anagram GOLD from LEAD.


Start with molten lead, (LEAD)

Add the bone of a short loin, (LEADT) a pinch of salt (LEADTNACL), some water and mix thoroughly (LEADTNACLHOO)

Remove from heat to let cool (LDNACLOO), add arsenic (LDNACLOOAS) add cinnabar (LDNACLOOASHGS), half of fairy wing (LDNACLOOASHGSFAIRY), some brimstone and quicksilver (LDNACLOOASHGSFAIRYHGS)

Open the lid which will emit flashing rays, (LDCOOAHGS) and release the chaos (LDOG) mix again



The actual answer of whether the formula works can be argued as yes or no, but technically it will NOT work.  This is because there is a mistake in the formula.  In order to make it work, the recipe called for water. However, water is HHO, not HOO.  In order for you to spell gold you need to take the phonetic version using H-2-O (ie. HOO), not the actual version H2O (ie. HHO).



IV) Limited Access





The 3 digit numbers are first converted to binary. Then, take the binary and list how many zeros or ones are in a row.


So the codes are as follows:

753 = 1011110001 = 11431

825 = 1100111001 = 22321

690 = 1010110010 = 11112211

921 = 1110011001 = 32221


This would explain why no zeros exist on the pad since one is the least amount of consecutive 1s or 0s in the binary format.


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