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A Dog's New Tricks

You come across an amazing talent show where a dog owner has trained his five pets to perform amazing feats. In his next act, his five dogs, a Golden Retriever, a Greyhound, a Dalmatian, a Beagle and a Collie were about to show off their new trick.

Once the owner had everything prepared, the Golden Retriever went first. Afterwards, the owner recorded the following on paper from watching the dog:
18, 144, 180, 54.
Next, the Greyhound stepped up, and once finished, the owner wrote:
342, 90, 216, 252.
The Dalmatian went next and the owner recorded the following:
306, 108, 270, 324.
Then the Beagle took his turn, but most unfortunately he got:
162, 36, 198, 0.

The owner got embarrassed and the Collie got very confused on what he should now do.
What did the Beagle do wrong, and what did the owner teach them to begin with?

Image by MatthewV

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