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Logain Potpourri V



I) Roller Coaster Mayhem

You and a friend are at an amusement park and enter the line for a two track roller coaster. Including yourselves, both lines A & B are filled to exactly full capacity as you stand at the gate. The lines weave in and out of corridors, and the diagram below shows the length of each hallway with the number of people that can fit along that section. Given the following conditions below, and assuming that once you exit the ride you can immediately get back in line with the same line length and riding conditions each turn, after how many minutes and rides each before both of you would end up exiting the roller coaster ride at the exact same time?

  1. Line A cars can hold 10 people each, line B cars can hold 12
  2. Line A cars run a total of 4 minutes per ride, line B cars run 5 minutes
  3. The operator experiences a delay on line A cars for 2 minutes after every 5th car that runs. Line B experiences a 1 minute delay after every 2nd car that runs
  4. Every 5th car on each line accommodates for one larger person that needs extra room for seating (ie. Every 5th car, A runs with 9 people, B runs with 11 people)
  5. Assume no time exists between exiting the ride and getting back in line, and that getting in line for the first time only that both lines A & B are running their very first car. 

II) Lateral: The Day Off

Dale works hard every day and is always exhausted by the time he's done. On Monday, Dale tells his buddy that he's been working too hard and needs some rest, so he is going to take Tuesday off. Come Tuesday, Dale goes into work and puts in a full 8 hour day at his only job. On Wednesday, Dale's friend asks him how his day off was. Dale says it was great and he never felt better. What did he mean?

III) Converting The Series

While running a computer program you created, it begins to generate the following list of numbers. Suddenly, the program comes to a complete halt and says "system overrun, abnormal termination"

0,0,0,0,4,9,5,1,1,0 *program crash*

You study the list, and realize why it messed up. You make a change to the code and get it running again. You run the program again, but this time it crashes again hitting another problem just like the last one after a dozen or so (undisplayed) iterations. Based on your previous change, and assuming the same alteration to the program, what will the next number be?

0,0,0,0,4,9,5,1,1,0,250,55,1,0,1,9,5,1,1,...,1,1, *program crash*

IV) Incompletely Finished

A teacher gives you a list of words...well at least some them seem to be words, the rest just seem like words, but nothing you've seen before. After studying them, you have the following conversation:

(student) “Something is missing!”
(teacher) “You are correct.”
(student) “Aha. Nothing is missing.”
(teacher) “Again, you are correct”



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