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The Gods Must Be Lazy

This is not a logic problem at all and the format implying that it is a simply a red herring. The
gods are actually the names of the planets. All the names of the planets were changed from
Roman gods to Greek gods (with the reverse for Uranus). Earth is referred to as myself in the
The footrace order is the order of the planets from the sun. The basketball game points are the
number of moons discovered orbiting each planet by the end of 2000. This number can change
every year as more moons are discovered so a specific date was chosen.
Therefore Ares came in fourth place and scored 2 points.
Mercury - Hermes - 0
Venus - Aphrodite - 0
Earth - I - 1
Mars - Ares - 2
Jupiter - Zeus - 28
Saturn - Cronus - 30
Uranus - Coelus - 21
Neptune - Poseidon - 8
Pluto - Hades - 1

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