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Logain Potpourri II

VI) Roll Of The Dice

You can determine the die’s opposite sides from the rolls, but not the arrangement of them. Specifically, one set of opposite sides can be the mirror image of the other.
The opposite sides are
2&8, 7&4, 5&11

VII) DA Next Puzzle (D’n’A)
D and A stand for DOWN and ACROSS. The series is a simple number series 1,2,3,4,5,…
The number of Ds and As are the number of down and across lines needed to make numbers on a digital readout such as a clock.
1) 2D
2) 2D3A
3) 2D3A
4) 3D1A
5) 2D3A
6) 3D3A
7) 2D1A
8) 4D3A
9) 3D3A
10) 6D2A
11) ? = 4D
12) ? = 4D3A
13) ? = 4D3A
14) ? = 5D1A

VIII) The Birds
The grandfather bird sits on top.
The sentence is referencing each bird’s status in a “family” tree.
Each word represents a common family name that goes with it, and the grandfather is the oldest family member and hence sits on top.
Sugar daddy (or baby)
Farmer’s daughter
Undercover brother
Fortunate son
Mother goose
Grandfather clause
Twisted sister
Uncle Buck
Father Time

IX) String Order
Each word can unscramble into a number after removing one letter:
1-8 TWO -- N
2-3 ONE -- N
3-7 EIGHT -- O
4-1 FOUR -- M
6-2 NINE -- L
8-5 TEN -- D
9-6 SIX -- A
10-4 THREE -- I
Match the left number with the appropriate “spelled” word, and the right number is the order of the omitted letter from it. Once unscrambled you get MANDOLIN…which is no guitar of course.
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