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Logain Potpourri II

VI) Roll Of The Dice

You have a single six sided die with one integer on each side. The integers are random positive numbers and do not repeat.

When the die is rolled, it is placed against a wall, which means 4 sides are visible, the front, the top and the two sides, and the bottom and back are hidden from view.

The die is rolled 3 times, and the person rolling the die calls out 2 values for each roll, the sum of the front and top numbers, and then the sum of all 4 visible sides.

After the following 3 roles, what numbers are on the die in what possible arrangement?

Roll #1 = 18, 28

Roll #2 = 7, 18

Roll #3 = 6, 22

VII) DA Next Puzzle (DíníA)

Continue the series:















VIII) The Birds

9 birds lie perched on a fence before a tree with many branches at varying heights. A man whoís trained the birds yells out the following statement, and after each word one bird leaves the fence to fly into the tree and settle on a branch. Which bird flies to the highest branch?

Sugar farmerís undercover fortunate goose clause twisted buck time.

IX) String Order

18  ..TOWN
23  ...NEON
37  ...HOGTIE
41  ..FORUM
62  ....LINEN
85  ..DENT
96 ......AXIS


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