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Most likely you recognized the arrows in the song title as symbols from the video game Dance, Dance, Revolution.  The song lyrics say to ignore the lyrics and the pitches-- if you believe them (and you're meant to) then rhythms are the key.  This makes sense as, in Dance, Dance, Revolution, players step on arrows at appropriate moments in time with the music.

This puzzle is probably easiest to solve on graph paper.  Starting with your pencil on an intersection, move left whenever the sopranos sing a note, down for altos, up for tenors, and right for basses.  If two parts sing at the same time, move diagonally.

One more caveat: Skinny's note said to "Pay close attention to the colorful syncopation."  In Dance, Dance, Revolution, steps that are to be taken on the offbeat are marked in a different color from those on the beat.  Make sure you do the same-- switch colors whenever you mark an offbeat.  If you fail to do this you'll come up with a rather illegible mess, but if you trace it properly it should read "ANSWER DDR."  That's right, all that work and the final answer is something you probably could've got in under three guesses.  Skinny is at the arcade, playing DDR.

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