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Opening Arguments


1) Worrying lets her cool a health indicator.
6) For speaking loudly, headmaster returns paper -- her first one.
7) Awestruck keepers snag a penalty.
9) A distributor is what old Estaban always eradicted -- first two, anyway.
10) You always have the first sarcastic agreement.
11) Maximal gravity in there…drains energy…temporary measures…
15) Uses a hog's output for methane source.
16) Aim into tallow?
17) A nearby theme is "Frightens."

1) Time for love or appreciation for matador standing in a crumbling arch.
2) A little Englishman on whom villain was sitting.
3) Traveled to see lochs, not even a sound returned.
4) Undetectable, losers do move about.
5) See into the heart of whispering trees' hidden story.
8) My pony helps deal with emotional frenzy for the unattainable.
12) Makes more snout & ear sausage.
13) Blue / blue-green dresses royally fouled up.
14) Cripes! That's prime!

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