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Lessons in Ethics

"Lessons" and "Ethics" are both synonyms for "Morals."  This puzzle is about morals, specifically the morals at the end of Aesop's fables.

Each of the sentences is a re-wording of one of Aesop's morals.  Each moral corresponds to a fable matching one of the enumerations above.  "The" has been omitted from all fable titles, and "And" is represented by the slash.  The first sentence, for example, corresponds to "miSer/his goLd."  Starred letters have been capitalized.

In order by moral, the fables are:

miSer/his goLd, beAr/two traVelers, herculEs/Wagoner, fatHer/his sOns, laBorer/snakE, Farmer/stoRk, tortoIse/harE, aNt/Dove, mErcury/wooDman, mAn/saTyr, tHief/his mOther, noRth wind/suN, cRow/pItcher, Dog/shaDow, city mousE/couNtry mouse, miLkmaid/her paIl, goOse/goldeN eggs.

The starred letters spell "Slave who befriended a thorn-ridden lion," which is of course ANDROCLES.

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