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Lessons in Ethics

Per Skinny's warning, you keep your distance from the fearsome spine-covered radwulf and call out to him.

"Radwulf, I'm looking for Skinny Dakota!  Do you know where I might find him?"

"Why should I help you?" snarls the radwulf.  "Why should I help any human, when no human has ever helped me?"  You hesitate to ask how you might be able to help, afraid that he might ask you to massage his tense shoulders.  That's when you notice the note, fastened to a nearby lamppost.

"Afraid to aid the dangerous beast?  Some lessons in ethics may help."


-*-/*---         -*-/--*--         *--/---*--         *-----/---*-         -*--/-*-----         --*----/----*

-----*--/---*         --*--/--- --*-         --*-- ----/--*         ---*--/--- -*--         -*-----/---*---

-*---/--- -*----         ------*-/*------         --*-----/--- --*-         --*--/-----* ----

--*-/--- ---*-----         ---- ----*/---*--- -----

  • One does not benefit from untouched affluence.

  • Calamity puts on trial the earnestness of companionship.

  • Divine beings deign to aid those who are most self-sustaining.

  • We endure when together, but stumble when separate.

  • None can completely disregard wrongs when with he who has committed the wrong.

  • Fowl sharing similar plumage tend to congregate with one another.

  • Unwavering plodding shall achieve victory in the competition.

  • An act of kindness merits a similar response.

  • Truthfulness is the optimal course of action.

  • A subset of the population are able to exhale varying temperatures in one aspiration.

  • Refraining from corporal punishment will engender a sense of entitlement to your progeny.

  • Enticement is superior to coercion.

  • Needfulness spawns ingenuity.

  • Caution that you don't sacrifice material by reaching for something intangible.

  • It is preferable to eat poorly in serenity than well while distressed.

  • One shouldn't tally hens before a sufficient incubation period has elapsed.

  • Avarice frequently extends beyond itself.

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