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Logain Potpourri IV


XXVI) Diabolical Dial Dilemma


You can go through the gears in this order 1-2-5-4-7-8-9-6-3 by turning the middle knob as follows…

4 turns right

2 turns right

6 turns left

3 turns left

1 turn right

10 turns right

4 turns right

4 turns right

For a grand total of 34 turns, and 3 direction changes…right-left-right

Also can be said as 6 right, 9 left, 19 right





XXVII) A Case Of Sum-Antics

An unknown value implies a variable value. An actual number like -1 can’t be used since it is a known value. The variable N can be added to the word ONE to get NONE, which is one less than one.


XXVIII) Word Search (v12.1)


The puzzle (12.1) contains 12 words which are hidden as letters and numbers pronounced as words when spoken. No diagonals involved. The unused letters spell out one word when taken in order…the final answer PHONETICS
















XIX) Say That Again


She pricked her finger, so I wrote what I saw.

She would be bleeding so you saw RED

Then he looked and said what he saw that I wrote; RED or READ

she then wrote what she heard him say. READ

Using my pen, I wrote just the opposite. WRITE

He then looked and said what he saw that I wrote; WRITE or RIGHT

she then wrote what she heard him say. RIGHT

Using my pen, I wrote just the opposite. WRONG

But somehow we had gotten it wrong.


So the answer “wrong” is also the puzzle outcome.

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