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Logain Potpourri III

XI) What’s a Widget?  

The best method of solving this is to use graph paper or Excel and fill in each block as one minute of each process that needs to occur next.

1) The coolant will need to be added every other minute by definition. (i.e. 1,3,5,7,etc, all odd minutes, are always coolant only)

2) The lubricant can be fully added by minute 4 using minutes 2 and 4. Since it needs to be added every 10 minutes, lubricant will always be minutes 2,4….12,14….22,24….32,34, etc.

3) The catalyst can be started by minute 6, but won’t end until minute 36

4) Now you can add widget material, but only 5 of 8 minutes worth before you need to add another full sample of catalyst.

5) Nicely enough the pattern works the same for the next 50 minutes except since you only need 3 more units of widget material, you have 2 minutes of spare time at minutes 98 and 100 to cut the widget.

Therefore it takes 100 minutes to make one widget!

The diagram below shows each process for a full minute of time.

XII) The Wax Works

The first candle was in a painting. The man was painting a picture of a dimly lit room with a candle sitting on a table. He painted in the flame as the final touch. The second candle was a candle by the door of the actual room the person was standing in doing his painting work.

The Wax “Works” turned out to be a work of art.


XIII) Spelling Counts

Spelling counts is actually referring to a word that you spell out by adding one new letter with each line that fits the definition provided.

one is one

I -> One letter, the Roman Number I is one

and two is two

DI -> Two letters, the prefix di is for two

then three’s an end

DIE -> Three letters, death is an end to life

jump for four

DIVE -> Four letters, to dive is to jump

because it goes into five, that is to say…

DIVIE -> Five letters, div, i.e. div for division (goes in to) and i.e. is Latin for that is to say.

so we can split for six

DIVIDE -> Six letters, divide means to split

since seven’s split

DIVIDED -> Seven letters, past tense of divide

so eight would be?


The final answer is DIVIDEND, the only new word you can really form by adding one more letter to DIVIDED.


XIV) Survey Says…

New words can be formed by adding the abbreviations of various measurement scales.

The words need to be placed in the order of the length of measurement for each abbreviation.

Also the title “Survey Says” refers to abbreviations of length that a land surveyor would use. All units are British units of length which are also all used for land surveys.

LIFTED -> LIED + FT -> Foot
HATCHES -> HATES + CH -> Chain
FURROWED -> ROWED + FUR -> Furlong

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