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The Lighting Round

1 = O

2 = T

3 = R

4 = M

5 = I

6 = A

7 = U

8 = N

Four letters are unique based on their layout: R, A, O, and T, solving for LEDs 1, 2, 3, and 6 respectively.

Based on the number of diagonals and orientation, LED # 5 must be I.

This leaves the last three letters, LEDs 4, 7, and 8.

LED 7 can be C or U.

LEDs 4 and 8 can each be M, N, or W.

Since no word can be formed with a combination using W, two Ms or two Ns, LEDs 4 & 8 must be one M and one N, so the final word must be an anagram of RAOTIMNC or RAOTIMNU.

Since R cannot be first letter based on the fallen label, the only anagram of the first set, the word ROMANTIC cannot be the answer. The only other option is MINOTAUR.

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