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Boxing the Blocks

Your nephew has a problem keeping his room clean. It's a constant disaster area. His toy blocks are usually scattered across the floor, making for a frequent eyesore and frequently making feet sore.

So you give him a handmade wooden box to pack his blocks away in, and offer to show him how to use it.

"Thanks Uncle, but I'm a thirty-six year old sysadmin- I think I can figure out how to put my toys away."

Ah youth.

Several weeks later you return, and his blocks are still scattered across the floor.

"I'm sorry Uncle, but I can't figure out how to do it. I can never manage to get all my blocks into the box."

That's odd, he's normally a bright lad. The box you gave him has an entire volume of six inches, by six inches, by six inches. That's 216 cubic inches. He has twenty-seven blocks measuring four inches by two inches by one inch. That's exactly 216 cubic inches as well.

Why is your nephew having such a hard time putting his toys away?

Box and blocks

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