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Haunted Television

One day, upon returning from work, you discovered that your television was on. Not remembering having left it on, you turned it off and thought nothing of it. A few days later, the same thing occurred. Over the next couple weeks it happened several more times, then stopped. Deciding this case did not warrant calling in Mulder and Scully, or even Robert Stack, you forgot it.

Now, several months later, it has begun again.

 The baffling facts of the case are as follows:

  • You have never observed it occurring when you are home.
  • All the doors and windows in your house are locked when you leave.
  • There is no sign of trespass when you return.
  • No one is at home while you are gone except your pet goldfish, "Emma", who really is more of a radio fish.
  • Your remote control's batteries have been dead for some time.
  • When the T.V. is found on, it is a seemingly random channel: news, soaps, static, or "Baywatch".
  • The television room is on the top floor, and there are no houses, buildings, or other structures within line of site of any window.
  • No other appliance in the house displays this behavior.
  • There seems to be nothing odd about your electrical system- no surges or spikes.
  • The T.V. is still under warranty and passed its most recent inspection by a trained technician.

Is your T.V. possessed by an unearthly couch potato or can you think of a more mundane explanation?

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