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It’s As Easy As…

XV) It’s As Easy As…
The title refers to the saying “Easy as ABC, 123.” 
Connect the correct letters and numbers in order with straight lines. They will form 7 letters and
one number…each connection draws out the letter/number symmetrically where applicable.
Connecting the green numbers reveals the number 5
Connecting the light blue letters reveals the letter S
Connecting the dark blue numbers reveals the letter J
Connecting the orange letters reveals the letter K
Connecting the light purple letters reveals the letter O
Connecting the brown numbers reveals the letter N
Connecting the yellow numbers reveals the letter C
Connecting the red letters reveals the letter A
Rearranging the above gives the answer JACKSON 5
which is the singing ‘group’ that sang the song A B C, having the lyrics easy as ABC,123.
Therefore tracing out the letters and numbers did indeed reveal a group. 

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