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Monkey Business II

In deepest, darkest, Africa, a hunter stalks a monkey. He wants to shoot him with his tranquilizer gun and take him back to America for display at the zoo. The monkey, on the other hand, wants to stay in the jungle and swing in the trees. Go figure. This particular monkey is more cunning than most. He's observed that the hunter carries a big long stick which he points at other monkeys. When the stick jerks back, a split second later the monkey he was pointing at falls from the tree. In an amazing leap over the evolutionary chain, the cunning monkey has decided that something must be coming out of the long stick and knocking the other monkeys out. He reasons that if lets go of the tree branch as soon as he sees the stick jerk back, the hunter will miss and the monkey will escape. And it works. For days, whenever the hunter sees the monkey, he takes aim with his excellent marksmanship, fires, but the monkey drops out of the way. Eventually the hunter figures out what's going on. The next time he sees the monkey, mere meters away, he changes his aim, fires, and it's bedtime for bonzo. Where did the hunter point his gun?

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