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Alien Artifacts

Millennia into the future, millions of miles away, the Chief Science Officer of an interstellar explorer ship makes an exciting discovery.

Deep in space a silent probe is drifting along emitting a steady EM pulse signaling its presence. After determining it carries no armaments, he has it brought aboard. Engineers determine that it has been drifting an indeterminate period of time, its systems powered by fusion, refueling with the rarefied hydrogen in deep space gathered in by magnetic sails.

The contents of the probe are enigmatic:

  • A laser
  • A small metal cylinder composed of a platinum-iridium alloy
  • A container of water
  • A small black box with a steady blinking light. A chemical analysis of the box indicates it contains titanium, copper, various complex hydrocarbons, silicon, and a cesium isotope.
  • A large collection of thin metal sheets inscribed with symbols and drawings, apparently referring to the other items.

Presumably the last item is a symbolic language which explains the usage of the other items.

If you were aboard the explorer, what help could you offer the CSO on how these items might be used together?

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