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The Bridge

One foggy night, four young college students became stranded on Mystery Island in the middle of Quagmire Swamp. This wouldn't have been so bad, except that it was a Friday the 13th. In October. During a full moon. In a horror film.

The only way to the safety of dry land was across a rotting old bridge, which could only support two people at a time.

Crossing the bridge in the dark would certainly be fatal, given the state of the bridge, and the group only had one flashlight.

Alexis, the spunky marathon runner, can fly across the bridge in a minute.

Burt, the devil-may-care cycling champ, can sprint across the bridge in two minutes.

Christine, the nerdy gymnast, can jog across the bridge in five minutes.

Dave, the chain-smoking pinball wizard, can shuffle haplessly across the bridge in ten minutes.

If their flashlight has only seventeen minutes of power left, can all four cross in time?

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