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As a change of pace from our usual single puzzle, this time we'll try something new and different. Below is a collection of random "mini-puzzlers," most of which would be too short to qualify as full Grey Labyrinth puzzles. See how many you can answer correctly without looking up the answers elsewhere. Some are trick questions, trivia, or even groaners. They range from simple to extremely difficult.

  1. A thief sneaks into a museum to steal an 18 ounce gold bar. The bar is on a pressure sensitive plate. Prior to the burglary, the thief stopped by a local science supply shop and purchased an 18 ounce lead weight. He swaps the two quickly, a la Indiana Jones, only to be surprised by the alarm. Which weighs more 18 ounces of lead or 18 ounces of gold?
  2. When you flip on the light switch, how long does it take an electron to travel from the switch to the lightbulb, traversing 10 feet of copper wire?
  3. Two red cards and two black cards are shuffled and placed face down. You select two- what is the probability that they are the same color?
  4. Fly due south from the capital of Florida until you are at the same latitude as the capital of Brazil. What country or body of water is beneath you?
  5. What was the earliest man-made object to break the sound barrier?
  6. What satellite has orbited the Earth for the greatest number of consecutive days?
  7. Can you think of an English word which has all six vowels in alphabetical order?
  8. Name ten body parts that are spelled with three letters. No slang words.
  9. What do the following have in common? "Johnny B. Goode", "Rite of Spring", "Beethoven's 5th", "Dark Was the Night" and "Melancholy Blues" (Yes, we know they're all music, thank you.)
  10. An assassin with a high-powered rifle shoots you in the foot from 50 feet away. The bullet travels at 1300 feet per second. You and the assassin are at sea level. What will be the first evidence to you of the attack?
  11. At the end of Star Trek II, Khan babbles some last words. Who is he quoting?
  12. Name the seven wonders of the ancient world.

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