The Grey Labyrinth is a collection of puzzles, riddles, mind games, paradoxes and other intellectually challenging diversions. Related topics: puzzle games, logic puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, philosophy, mind benders, brain teasers, word problems, conundrums, 3d puzzles, spatial reasoning, intelligence tests, mathematical diversions, paradoxes, physics problems, reasoning, math, science.


Find The Soda

 After spending several hours pouring over the puzzles in the Labyrinth, you work up quite a thirst. So you stroll down the hall to the company soda machine. The machine has three buttons, which dispense "Royal Fizz-Cola", "Dyspepsia", and a third which randomly distributes either one. Years of experience have shown that the labels are never correct. So the "Royal Fizz-Cola" button might always yield Dyspepsia, or it might randomly deliver either, but never reliably "Royal Fizz-Cola".

Today, the machine was refilled, so you don't know which button gives which soda. If making a selection costs a dollar, what is the minimum you must spend before you know can be certain which buttons deliver which sodas?

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