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The Accountant

In the idyllic, but not totally extant country of Puzzlania (where dollars are constant, there is no inflation, and all other economic factors are stated in the problem) a young accountant took his first job. After one year making $10,000 Puzzlanian, his manager explained how impressed the company was with his performance, and offered him a contract.

Now in Puzzlania, contracts are generally offered only to valuable employees, and are usually for the term of seventeen and a half years (a strange duration of time which goes back to the outdated Puzzlanian Calendar). These contracts are immutably binding, and will still be paid to beneficiaries in the event of death or permanent disability.

The accountant was given a choice between two of these contracts, both of which offered regular raises (which with no inflation, is quite generous). The first option was for an immediate 5% raise to $10,500 annually, with an additional 5% raise every 6 months. The second option was for an immediate 10% raise to $11,000 annually, with an additional 10% raise every year. The accountant's salary, based upon his current annual, was paid bi-weekly.

The accountant thought over the problem for a moment and decided...

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