The Grey Labyrinth is a collection of puzzles, riddles, mind games, paradoxes and other intellectually challenging diversions. Related topics: puzzle games, logic puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, philosophy, mind benders, brain teasers, word problems, conundrums, 3d puzzles, spatial reasoning, intelligence tests, mathematical diversions, paradoxes, physics problems, reasoning, math, science.


More Money

A clever, but financially strapped college student discovered that he had spent all of his room and board money on less academic pursuits. Quickly, he telegrammed his dear old parents for cash. However, he was so destitute, he could only afford three words. By an amazingly serendipitous stroke of fortune, he was able to send his request, the total amount needed, and the breakdown in this simple message:

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How much did the poor student need, and how much were the two portions for room and board?

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