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You arrive at the Puzzlania Reservoir and head for the man in charge, Mudster (which is a mildly disconcerting name for the engineer in charge of your drinking water, but you're secretly glad it's not Poisonium).

"I'm sorry, but I'm a bit busy at the moment," says Mudster.  "We've had a bit of an infestation I'm afraid."

"Well I don't mean to be any bother," you say.  "I'm looking for my friend Skinny--"

"Dakota?  You're friends with that lout?  He's the one responsible for the mess we're in!  He came in here and dumped all sorts of sea life in the water before we could stop him.  He said somehow all the rest are following just one of those critters and if we can figure out which one we can clear them all out.  Then he gave me this-- perhaps you can help?"

You take the note.  On the front it says, "Waiter, we'd like 18 sandwiches-- and water all around."

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