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The Ballad of Maxwell Control



“Maxwell… Jump!”

Maxwell got out of the way of the speeding car just in time. “Take a look at me now, you work all your life for that moment in time, and Jenny, who can I turn to?”

Jenny smiled, but tiredly. Someone was trying to kill Maxwell. But who, and what was that noise?

“I can hear machinery!” exclaimed Jenny, “Nobody gonna slow me down!” Jenny sped along towards the noise, but saw Maxwell panting and slowing down. “Prove yourself! You are the move you make!” Jenny screamed. Maxwell slowed down to a halt. He hated being spoken to in that way. Suddenly, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye, he tried to run...

... But it was too late -- Maxwell and Jenny were captured by the syndicate.

“My last name is Control…” responded Maxwell to the interrogator. “What is happening here? Something is going on that’s not quite clear.”

“Captain Kirk” was all that the interrogator said.

“As long as the sun continues to shine, I’ll take it like a man!” remarked Jenny. It was obvious who the stronger of the two were. Jenny was used to torture. She once had to endure 200 wrong numbers in one day. But, this time, Captain Kirk was unhappy. He took out a pistol and loaded the bullets. “This time might be the last, I fear!” cried Jenny, as the Captain pointed the gun at her.

“We will find you acting on your best behavior, by order of the prophet!” exclaimed the Captain.

“It doesn’t matter what they say” remarked Maxwell, “Whatever it takes, I will stay here with you.”

Jenny was taken aback by Maxwell’s romantic interlude. Loving him the entire time, she screamed out, “Oh can’t you see? You belong to me!” They shared a romantic embrace and kiss, until Captain Kirk reminded them of his presence.

“I can’t help myself.” Captain Kirk sighed, and in a moment of weakness, unlocked them to let the lovers go.

They ran for the exit, but realized it was locked with a musical keypad. Captain Kirk was nowhere in sight. “Forget how it feels to be free?” cried Jenny, as she buried her head in Maxwell’s shoulder.

“Slide over here and give me a moment!” yelled Maxwell. Maxwell figured out that if he played the correct song into the keypad at the door, he and Jenny would escape and live happily ever after. But they were out of time, Captain Kirk’s boss had just realized Maxwell and Jenny had been released.

The boss saw the two of them by the door and started sprinting after them. “Who ya gonna call?” But by that time, Maxwell had figured out that the song he needed to play into the keypad was…


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